Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My first project of the New Year...

Yesterday, I attempted my first project of 2012 to clean one of my baking pans with a mixture of 1/4 cup of baking soda and peroxide (to make a paste.) Lets just say my pan did not come out as good as the picture. It really didn't work for me. I will have to attempt again later and see if my peroxide was to old.  Or maybe my pan has too much baked on it. I found this on Pinterest posted by onegoodthingbyjillee.com. It also is suppose to work the stove, oven, pans, stainless steel appliances, and white handles on the refrigerator door. I will post pictures later. While it didn't work for me doesn't mean that it won't work for you.

Today, I also started off my Tuesday with a workout. It is something I have been meaning to do on a regular basis for several months. I just haven't been able to get myself motivated to get up and do it. Another idea I saw on Pinterest was to give yourself a dollar each time you workout and put it in a jar. Basically save the money so you can treat yourself later. I have started it so hopefully I can at least get myself to workout three times a week. As many of you know with children it hard to get time for yourself so hopefully I can stick to it and give myself time because I really enjoy working out. I really enjoy the benefits it brings to me like giving me more energy, losing weight or to maintain weight,  and makes me happier.

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  1. Next time, try vinegar and baking soda. It works for me like 99.9 percent of the time!

    Love, Jon